A lot can happen in 2013…

What a year. It’s hard to believe so much has happened in such a short time. I’m on a roller-coaster ride and loving it! And I’m so excited, I can’t stop smiling. And to end the year with my beautiful studio in Richmond – well, come and let me give you a hug. Or a makeover. Or a chat – I don’t mind!

Since that unforgettable date in January, when my husband feeling all positive and optimistic kept whispering in my ear, “it’s yours, it’s yours…” before it was actually announced, winning the 2013 National Best Bridal Make Up Award , my feet have not touched the ground. I have had the pleasure of 82 weddings this year. Feels like I borrowed Superwoman’s costume when she wasn’t looking and tapped into unlimited energy. Not only does it feel great, she isn’t getting the costume back any time soon! Winning a prestigious award put many things into perspective. Sure, it gave me a lot of confidence, but it made me want to up my game. There’s a ‘what’s next?’ kind of awareness that got me thinking about how to continue learning about my industry and develop my business. How to make contact with different networks of professionals…lots of new questions.

Having come from a client servicing background at IBM (mm, that seems like a very, long (yawn) time ago…) I was already aware of the need for pro-active communication. My favourite pastime is learning new makeup skills, doing test shoots to play around with new looks and understand how make up works at every level. The truth is, I absolutely love what I do with a passion. My working day is the best experience I have, each and every day, because of the joy of making people happy and helping them to feel good about themselves.

I spent this year, disciplining myself to put everything I did straight back onto my website, sending out more information, adding more testimonials and ensuring that I communicated with the same media that have followed my success story and deepened those relationships. I always strive for the best standards for myself and my husband proudly declares he doesn’t know anyone who works harder. But when you love it, it doesn’t feel like hard work. I have already set in motion a new website design for 2014 to reflect new ideas and brand positioning. Seems a bit strange to talk about myself as a brand, but when I had an opportunity to open my first studio in the Paris Moses organic hair salon in Richmond, (thank you, Paris – that was a piece of genius on your part and such a generous invitation – you changed my life!) I was already making a statement about the desire to attract clients to me, my name, although not seeing it in those somewhat elevated terms. But from small acorns…who knows?

The studio opened this December – hallelujah! It has made me think about a place for me to look after clients and make them feel special. Very special. It feels somehow a lot more grounded to have a place of business – like I’m not ‘just doing this’ in my spare time (spare time, hello?). It meant I could organise myself in a different way, become more efficient and coordinate the team of professionals I work closely with to be able to offer if desired, a complete make-over including hair styling and a photo-shoots. Aušra is now working with me as my first make-up protégée! Her natural talent and warm, genuine personality made her an easy choice for me, fully confident in her ability to continue to deliver the high standard of professionalism I demand from myself.

Everyone I work with are all wonderfully talented people who I truly adore and respect. As they say, if you start to spend a lot of time with someone, you start to behave like them – well, we all instinctively know a lot about the other person’s chosen area, so much so, I often find myself grinning as I realise, yet again, while in the middle of reading their mind in the middle of a collaboration or vice-versa – we are all on the same page – all of the time!! Like surgeons on an operating table. But no-one has had to receive oxygen so far. Although Jennifer a journalist from The Resident magazine in Richmond, whose write up of the studio gave me the quote of the year after I gave her a make-over “I was absolutely gob-smacked when I looked at myself…”

So, a great year. An incredible year. And dare I hope for a better one. Yes, I dare and I dream. And I have not just the love and support of my family to make it possible, especially Algis my husband, (whose idea it was to have a launch party), who is my rock and my soul partner. I have a head brimming with ideas that I am already discussing with my PR guy and my closest partners for 2014, there will be more of everything going on, and as tempted as I am to tell you…I have to leave something to write about in the new year. (I also have to do it and not just talk about it!). But a huge Kristina THANK YOU to one and all – clients, industry professionals, brides, brides-to-be, family and dear friends for making this one of the happiest, enjoyable years I can remember! Happy New Year!! Love Kristina xx



My Beautiful Studio Launch



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