Hello again my lovely readers!

Time for an update from my beautifully exciting and bonkers busy makeup world.

Life is what you make it, right? Last week I went snowboarding in Austria, celebrating two HUGE occasions with the two most awesome men in my life – my husband’s 40th and my son’s 6th birthday. Both spent up on the slopes, with my extended family adding to the pleasure. For a self-confessed adrenalin-junkie professional, wife and mother – it doesn’t get much better than this! It is by far our favourite type of holiday, full of excitement and energy. It’s when carving an elegant series of heelside and toeside turns (in my head at least!) while hurtling down the slopes, that I actually stop thinking about anything makeup related (you never thought I’d say this I bet) and are lost in the moment, enjoying the wind rush on my face while surfing through lush, powdered snow. Gnarly, man… and all those other hip expressions I haven’t a clue about! Nature. Mmm… ‘I don’t care! I love it!’

Otherwise, my delicately-applied fine-powdered friends – makeup is pretty much always on my mind: I love this too! Makeup, my clients, forthcoming weddings and courses, new techniques and new ways to teach my students, various products that I am keen to check out. My photography tutor once said that the best way to relax is to do a challenging sport where your brain is completely occupied by the activity. Snowboarding gives me just that – a therapy for mind, body and soul and it is the best stress-busting treatment on the market! Whooosh!

The week before I left I had the pleasure in designing the makeup for a charity fashion show. It was great to see four of my girls, all of them mentored and taught by me, working their magic, creating an amazing style and look for each model. It was held at the Hotel Indigo Kensington showcasing the designs of Ivana Basilotta (www.ivanabasilotta.co.uk) and Katherine Elizabeth Millinery (www.katherineelizabethmillinery.com). It was a great opportunity to be totally creative – inspired by the buzz of excitement on the catwalk and combine fabulous makeup and clothes to stunning effect.

Also before my holiday, I went to do Cat’s wedding makeup. I had the distinct pleasure in working on an ever so bubbly and wonderfully calm Cat and her bridal party of six. Due to the wedding preparations and associated stress that comes with it, Cat’s skin wasn’t in the best condition (stress can affects skin’s condition and make it break out or become blotchy). However with the right products and application techniques I managed to conceal and cover any evidence of unruly skin and she looked breathtakingly beautiful!! (Sound of trumpets please!) It’s all about choosing the right products such as skincare, primers and foundation and applying it correctly.

Yet another beautiful wedding featuring one of my brides, the lovely Beth, has been published on the Love My Dress wedding blog (www.lovemydress.net/blog/2014/02/lusan-mandongus-richmond-park-katie-julia-photography.html). The photography is truly stunning by one of my admired photographer’s Katie Julie.

Talking of photographers, I’ve been doing a lot of photoshoots with Kristida, a relatively new kid on the block and already showing oodles of natural talent (www.kristida.com) I love taking photographs too but due to lack of time I rely more and more on Kristida to create stunning images and she definitely delivers. We will I am sure be hearing about her award-winning ways in the future.

This week has begun with a busy Monday filled with private makeup lessons and bridal trials in preparation for the Spring wedding season and until Saturday evening I will be working flat out doing makeup lessons, courses, weddings, filming and photoshoots. Yes, why, when there are so many brilliant activities to pack into every single day – aren’t there more hours in the day!?

I need more time for my husband, my son, more time to plan my new website design and content, to stock up on products, to finish furnishing my makeup studio with all the accessories AND practice studio lighting photography and of course, conscientiously respond to the many, many emails and enquiries to deal with on my 24 hour minimum response customer promise, OH AND do my invoicing and receipts…AND still find time to read a great book. Or Vogue that I subscribe to and frustratingly fail to read for weeks until after its arrival… (Sorry Vogue, but I do eventually get round to you!) Or baking a cake with my son who loves it. Life’s simple pleasures. But then I realise and know with gratitude, every day is actually very pleasant to me: challenging but treasured.

And on this almost melancholy self-reflective note – I’m starting to think, it’s probably about time to get pro-active with the admin monster (did you perhaps pick up on this subtle hint, maybe…? ha-ha) I need to find somebody like me, exceptionally organised who could help to make some sense and order of a continuous stream of electronic paper work. And because of this God-sent person, who could allow me to spend more quality time baking with my son – are you out there makeup admin angel (cupcake)?

So for now keep smiling your gorgeous smiles. I’ll be back on this blog with more action-packed updates and new images from Kristina’s world shortly!

Lots of love and admiration


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