Where to begin telling you what this action-packed winter has delivered already? People say January and February are quiet months – no chance! The year started as busy as if it was the middle of summer. Winter weddings more popular than ever, hosting make up events for special occasions, numerous private make up lessons and courses for all sorts of people with varied interests and skills, editorial columns and catwalk shows!! Yes, doing my thing on the catwalk. January has disappeared and now February is almost half way through – no time to look back, the fairground ride is carrying me into spring! Over the last few weeks my clients and new exciting projects to rocket launch my year have taken priority and haven’t been as active on social media as I would normally like – but I am making up for it now, my special friends to update you with all the news :o)

January 26th, straight from a client appointment, then a short stop over at home to drop off my kit and hug and wave goodbye to my husband and son, I flew to an ever-so-cold Lithuania (-15c!) for a 2 day master class with my photography tutor Remigijus Zolubas. This wonderfully talented and respected man taught me this time how to use studio lights in order to create beautiful portraits. I am setting up my makeup studio with lights so that each make up trial and all appointments are captured as if the images you see landed from the pages of a magazine shoot. This makes all the difference for my clients and for me too! Photography is my other love, a form of meditation actually. I lose track of time when I am behind the camera capturing my clients looking amazing.

Talking of learning, I’ve been teaching more and more and loving it. A lot of my existing and new clients book a private make up lesson for them where in 2 hours I teach them how to apply their everyday make up in no time, as well as how to transform themselves for a foxy evening look. They leave my studio on a high with the lists of recommended products that they can purchase at wonderful places such as Space NK ( or other make up counters) as well as lists of makeup application reminders and as much valuable information and practical steps I can cram into the 2 hours – it’s a lot to remember but all doable and most of all enjoyable!

I’ve also been busy teaching professional makeup artists who wish to improve their skills in bridal, photographic and special occasion make up artistry as well as giving them tips on how to take beautiful images of their clients which I think is so important when presenting visual art – that’s why we are called makeup artists – we create beautiful art on faces. The skill lies not in loading crazy amounts of makeup but in applying makeup expertly, as if the individual were born this way. This is usually the hardest to achieve but those who learn the basics well can build on it and create wonderful looks…truly beautiful looks.
Which brings me onto one of my other passions… I’ve done quite a few photoshoots at the start of this year.

So many lovely looks to show to my readers.. and to keep it real the shoots I organised were everyday women, not professional models, with age ranges from 20 to 40+ … I earnestly want to demonstrate ( to the world ) just how much make up, hair and the right styling can do. Watch this space… lots of new images are coming up.. I just need more hours in the day!! Or night… let me tell you about the nights. It’s my time to work through emails, inquiries, calendars, invoicing, which is its own kind of special therapy as I reflect on the day and remind myself how lucky I am. Have read somewhere recently that the best and most effective sleep is from 10pm to 2am. Have been trying to do that and wake up earlier to be more productive…

I am not sure if I noticed the difference in productivity as I can handle work even when slightly sleep deprived but I did notice that I feel more energetic if I go to bed at 10pm. Early to bed makes a make-over woman wise is my new motto. And let’s not forget – energy and health we do need, especially when we run our business and are solely in charge of producing the highest level of service and quality result that our clients expect from us.

Therefore whether it’s 13 hour days (have done a few of those lately) or 10 clients in one day – the benefits of having my own studio where I can schedule back-to-back appointments and have make up marathons after which I still feel I can go on and do more! That’s true love… True love for something that I do. And that’s makeup. And photography and interaction with many new and returning clients. Basically true love is all around us! Thank God Valentine’s is almost here – or I wouldn’t know where to put it all!

With affection, admiration and love

Your Kristina

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