So my lovely readers, it’s time for another update after what’s been an incredibly exciting and, as ever, busy time since my last blog entry back in October.
Firstly I had so much fun doing the Big Monday Giveaways for the last 7 weeks and pleasantly surprising the winners, some of whom told me they’d never won anything before. Xmas is indeed a miraculous time :o) I have already met some winners who claimed their prizes and came to my makeup studio in Richmond. Others are flying in from abroad to claim their prize – I love it that my competition turned out to be international. It feels so good to share the love of makeup.
Quite often I get asked by my clients or makeup artists-to-be what my typical day or week is like… What do I do on a daily basis? Well here’s what I got up to last week…

Tuesday to Sunday: 5-day bridal makeup course for the lovely Emma. We started at around 10am and finished at 5pm. I usually teach one or a maximum of two people at a time to ensure my students get the full attention they require. Emma lives in Kent so travelled 2.5 hours a day each way to my studio and even one morning turned up at 8am to check out a shoot that I was involved in. Her wake-up call was at 4am! That’s dedication for you. I’ve done a lot of bridal courses over the last month or so – a lot of course completion certificates to issue! They have all been amazing and totally dedicated to mastering bridal and special occasion makeup.

As well as running this course I had to squeeze in a couple of bridal trials – Emma was able to look at the bridal make-up process first-hand and see how to interpret and create looks for real brides. Also Thursday and Friday I was already at the studio before 7am making coffee and heating up croissants for two lovely ladies who were having a 2-day photoshoot for their cookbook which they are getting published. They came in to have their hair and makeup done first thing in the morning.
After the early morning makeovers for the cookbook shoot on Friday, I continued the bridal makeup course and then made a dash to get a gorgeous bride ready for a glamorous evening wedding at Foxhills Hotel in Surrey.

Saturday morning was spent at Warren House in Kingston getting my bride Emily and her bridesmaids ready for a beautiful wedding at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park and then a quick dash back to the studio for a private makeup lesson for Sinthu who wanted to learn how to do sculpted skin and smoky-eye eye makeup for herself as well as get some help with stocking up on the right products. My favourite makeup and skincare heaven SpaceNK is conveniently located next door to my studio so it was just a quick jaunt downstairs to pick up some goodies.

Sunday morning was another wedding that I took my student Emma to – a real wedding experience for her – followed by another day of makeup training. This was then topped off by an evening makeup lesson for 2: my lovely previous bride Marylou and her friend were in to learn how to perfect their own makeup looks.

Oh and I also put together a few articles for various blogs… all in a week’s work. Phew! I am having several days off this week to catch up with my family, get my personal trainer back in the diary and soak up some pre-Xmas atmosphere about town before the next handful of weddings and special occasion appointments. Then finally off for a fab Xmas in the snowy mountains of Italy zooming down the slopes on my trusty snowboard. Yippee! Here’s to working hard and playing harder.

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