Hello again my lovely readers. Hope you all had a great start to the New Year. Mine was a healthy one: I kicked-off January with a 5-day green smoothie detox and held off the booze all month. It was wonderful to feel bursting with renewed energy, so am definitely a fan of the healthy lifestyle with occasional treats. Every morning I make myself and my family massive green smoothies that usually consist of avocado, spinach, courgette, carrot, pear, ginger, asparagus, blueberries… and whatever else is knocking around in the fridge. Thank goodness for @TheNutriBullet – in 15-20 seconds I have a delicious smoothie in my hand. I’m also a fan of vigorous workout sessions with my personal trainer Tash who keeps them fun and therefore the pain is more bearable :o) No pain, no gain :o)

Staying healthy is also important as I have a very busy year ahead – I’ll need all of my energy to keep on top of it! This year the focus is still very much on weddings as this is my key service and it is what I set out to do when I became a makeup artist. However teaching private professional bridal makeup courses is becoming more and more popular and I look forward to skill-sharing with many new or already working makeup artists who have booked in to study. I’m very passionate about teaching this wonderful skill that requires so much specific knowledge and practice in order to get it perfect, but with the right amount of diligence and determination my students can master it beautifully.

Like everything in life, success depends on one’s hard work and continuous drive for perfection.

Nobody was born knowing how to play the piano beautifully without committing themselves to long hours of practice; no Olympic champion can succeed without giving all of themselves and their time to achieve their goal. It’s the same for makeup artists: the learning process and attracting a client-base can seem daunting to begin with but with continuous practice; skills updates at makeup events; being involved in lots of creative photo shoots; using every opportunity and every friendly face to practice makeup on; and focusing on providing the most excellent client service will eventually make it all worthwhile. It is one of the best feelings in this world to wake up every day with renewed excitement knowing that you will be spending your day doing your favourite thing.

At the start of this year I also focused on completing some intensive skill-honing masterclasses for my K-Team in preparation for the wedding season ahead. It’s wonderful to see so many brides writing thank you cards and e-mails to my team – super-pleased with their results and the calming yet fun experience provided by my girls. The girls are all great at what they do but are also very friendly, reliable and totally in love with the world of weddings. A fab combination when it comes to providing excellent customer service and superb results. I love them to bits and they all love each other to bits. One big very happy family :o)

January and February were also spent getting artistic, enjoying more time behind the camera, so not just creating beautiful makeup but also some lovely close-up portraits. I wanted to display makeup and hair beautifully lit so that every lash, every stroke was clearly visible and would produce inspiration for our brides, to give a clear idea how each look could potentially transform them. Kasia was my partner in crime for these sessions and she waved some gorgeous curls and hairstyles to accompany our chosen mood and style for the shoots.

With the wedding season and my teaching schedule getting really busy now, please visit my Facebook or Instagram for more regular updates of various happenings and lovely new looks that I’m working on. I’ll be back with a new blog update hopefully very soon. At least I always have good intentions and then life takes over…

Until very soon!

Kristina x

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