Hello once more my lovelies!

It’s been a while again, running late with my blog, but now that I’m well into my holiday week, or stay-cation rather, I thought I’d steal a moment to reflect back on the last few months and keep you up-to-date on what’s been happening with mine and the K-Team‘s busy lives.

We had the pleasure of meeting world-famous makeup artist Lisa Eldridge for her book launch at Liberty, called Face Paint: The Story of Makeup. She’s one lady who inspires me and has done so since the start of my career. We had a quick few minutes with her and couldn’t contain our excitement at meeting such a talented and superstar makeup artist who has influenced our work. She’s known for creating flawless looks which the K-Team and I absolutely love.

I also got to meet Laura Mercier! Her makeup brand is amongst my favourites and she is another person who I find inspiring and who made my evening when I had a 5 minute chat with her – speed-talking and speed-asking questions to get as many tips as possible :o)

Other than that we’ve enjoyed a busy Autumn so far. I keep meaning to find time to go out with my camera and take some photos of beautiful autumnal colours to get some seasonal ideas for my makeup palettes, it’s so gorgeous out there and when we travel to various wedding venues around the countryside we get to enjoy some very colourful views!

The K-Team are going strong, continuing to put together amazing looks for lots of brides and it makes me so happy to read every thank you card or email addressed to them. Warm and heartfelt words from our brides make us the happiest makeup artists in the world and the most in love with our jobs! We spread the love by being forever motivated to produce the very best looks for our brides and their bridal parties as well as providing them with the friendliest and go-the-extra-mile service that we pride ourselves in.

Kristida, the latest K-Team member is a very valuable addition to the team, always creating the most stunning wedding stories with the focus on the bridal preparations and portraits. She’s a real talent at spotting beautiful photographic opportunities, whether they be emotion-charged moments unravelling in front of her lens or a bride looking just incredible, captured skilfully to look even better! Some people have more of an eye for the moment than others and Kristida is definitely one of them.

As for me, Autumn usually brings a new wave of students in preparation for next year’s wedding season. This time around the wave has been the biggest so far and I look forward to welcoming students to my studio from all over the world – Brazil, Kuwait, Lithuania, Spain… you name it! They’ve all booked themselves in to study with me over the coming months – am bracing myself for a massively hectic end to the year! I love it! The nicest thing is that most of them have come to me recommended by previous students or they’re my previous brides who’ve been inspired to become makeup artists themselves which is super-sweet and a bit of deja vu, as my own wedding day was the day when I made the decision to change my life and become a bridal makeup artist.

Recently my lovely sidekick and top hairstylist Kasia has started teaching more and more hairstyling courses alongside me. She keeps up with the latest fashion trends and understands how hair works and what is possible to achieve, she knows how to make her brides look red-carpet-worthy and she’s a fab teacher. We’ll be adding a wider range of bespoke, privately taught makeup and hair courses soon as we both enjoy teaching to the highest professional standard – brides deserve to look the best!

With Xmas time coming up, why not gift someone one of my vouchers for a special makeover or hairstyling session, or perhaps a makeup lesson. They’re very popular gifts and very much appreciated! At least that’s what I’m told when I meet the lucky recipients :o)

I wish you a fabulous pre-Xmas! Time for a quick tip: for fab party eyes sweep some long-lasting cream shadow across the lids, such as Bobbi Brown Gel Sparkle in Smokey Topaz or Night Sky; then pop a long-lasting black pencil into the roots of your lashes focusing more on the outer edges and gently smudge the line with a cotton bud; curl your lashes extra well and apply 2-3 coats of volumising waterproof mascara such as Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara and you’re ready to party the night away and dazzle everyone!

Have fun and until next time!

Kristina x

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