With the golden autumn now upon us I thought it’s about time to catch up on my blog posts. The summer wedding season and school holidays take over during the summer months and there hardly seems time to squeeze anything else in… it’s been all go!

And it’s still all go for the K-Team and myself, however as my big milestone birthday approaches I’m taking some time out to catch up on leisure time, hobbies, theatre, and a lovely holiday that my boys have arranged for me as a birthday treat.

We’ve had another glorious summer of weddings and events. We even had to step in as Brexit was happening to keep CNBC’s reporters looking preened and ready to face live cameras non-stop, day and night.

We’ve met so many new gorgeous brides, mums, bridesmaids and also bridesmaids who have turned into brides themselves and come back to us for their wedding makeup. It’s always so special to have returning clients, to see their familiar faces and hear what’s been happening since we last met.

So many lovely and personable thank you gestures have kept coming our way and every one of them is hugely appreciated and very gratefully received. We feel touched that our brides find the time to write to us, remember us and sometimes they even write thank you messages on the morning after their wedding! It shows how important it is for each bride to look and feel on top of the world on their wedding day. When else should a woman deserve to feel and look the best she ever did than on the most important day of her life?

So with hundreds of weddings this summer for the hard-working K-Team‘s makeup artists and hairstylists it’s been an amazingly hectic season and we are keeping it going straight into the autumn.

I’m often asked what do I do during the week when there are not so many weddings booked. Well my weekdays are equally as fun as the weekends as they are usually crammed full of private makeup lessons (why not learn how to make yourself look incredible with the right makeup), special occasions (all sorts of events happen during the week too), makeovers and portraiture sessions for women wishing to update their business profiles or to look effortlessly stunning in images for dating sites (a huge proportion of our brides have met their partners through dating sites!!). I also teach portrait photography as well as professional makeup courses (see www.kristinagasperasacademy.com). So weekdays are all very exciting and fun!

With the Xmas season coming up don’t forget to stock up on our gift vouchers – they’re very popular and a great luxurious present. They can be bought for private makeup lessons, portraiture sessions or even for bridal makeup and/or hairstyling. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a print or e-voucher to present to your loved one (e-vouchers are especially useful as last minute gifts).

We’ll also be doing special Xmas giveaways and competitions, keep your eyes open for some huge pre-festive season fun once again!

And a few extra snippets of what’s floating my boat at the moment…

What I’m reading: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – such an emotional rollercoaster! But a great book and am thoroughly enjoying it.

What’s my go-to skincare product: as the heating is starting to come on in the evenings, the skin feels dryer so the perfect product I’ve found is Cell Repair Night Oil by Aurelia. It’s all natural and feels and smells so exquisite!

What’s my favourite leisure pastime: cycling in Richmond Park – on golden autumnal days sport doesn’t get much better than this.

What am I currently obsessed with: juicing any vegetable I can get my hands on. Jason Vale’s methodology is my inspiration.

What’s my favourite blog: for personal improvement and inspiration Tim Ferris’s (www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/)

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