In der Schweiz hergestellte Replik-Uhren:

​Dear readers, we hope that this blog post finds you healthy and well.

The ​K-Team and I are really missing you, our lovely brides and clients. From a full bookings diary to zero in a week… It’s taking quite a bit of adjusting to. Especially as we were looking forward to our busiest wedding season yet. Life is full of surprises and when things are beyond our control, we accept it, deal with it, and try to make the most of the given situation.

​Our PA Jurate has been working closely with all of you spring and early summer brides, to accommodate new wedding dates as they’ve been moved to late summer, autumn and next year.

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We’re super-grateful for our brides being so lovely and re-arranging everything without panicking, whilst going through this extremely stressful time, having to postpone weddings that you’ve been planning for so long. My goodness it must have been a traumatic experience for so many of you! As we have a team, we’ve managed to accommodate most new rescheduled dates with the originally booked K-Team members, apart from a small handful of exceptions where we were able to offer another K-Teamer’s services. Hang in there, our lovely brides, you WILL have your dream wedding, even if it’s on a different date!

So what’s life been like at the K-Team HQ?

Almost two weeks into the lock-down and we’re settled into a new way of life. For now. Some have become puzzle champions, others are turning into top chefs, whilst a lot of us with small kids are having to be a teacher, mother, kids entertainer and play buddy all in one!

I personally have adapted really well to my new routine. I’ve always been a believer that it’s up to us to cram our days with small lovely rituals, that will brighten each and every day. Now more than ever I plan my days to ensure they’re packed with precious moments, which may just be little things, that make me feel good, energised and motivated.

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I start my mornings with an elaborate home-made pancake session, swiftly followed by a coffee date with my hubby on our front door-step… Then usually a daily exercise routine in the garden or a jog/cycle in the park… Followed by that I start working on my business – updating galleries, rewriting website copy, composing Insta posts, sorting through thousands of photos. Things that I never have time for but actually enjoy doing. I try and spend a portion of my 12-year-old son’s school lunch-break (he has a full daily timetable of interactive online lessons!) playing basketball with him in the garden, or jumping on the trampoline. As he’s an only child and isn’t being surrounded by classmates right now, I know he needs a buddy…

Sometimes I act and feel like his brother rather than a mum. Luckily I’m active as I grew up with three siblings – forever playing, wrestling and messing about. I can just about keep up with him for a short period of time!

My husband is doing four CrossFit sessions a week in the garden via a live video link with his coach… As a family we also have a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle on the go which takes us about a week to complete, it’s such a nice hour or so to spend together whenever.

We were due to move into our bright new studio on 1st April, but that’ll have to wait for a bit. When we can work again, we’ll be so excited to welcome you our lovely brides to our chic and funky space, for your bridal trials. And all of our other clients for your special occasion makeovers, as well as makeup lessons (one of our most popular services).

I do hundreds of them every year, and with a larger space, we’ll be able to offer group makeup and hairstyling lessons, bubbly included!

In the meantime I’ll be slowly settling into the new studio – a lot of cleaning needs to be done after the extensive renovations.

A lot of K-Team members are taking this opportunity to perfect their hairstyling skills via our Online Academy for professionals… We all have dolly heads with real hair and even I’m having a go at it.

This is all so that when the time comes and the big recovery starts, we keep our skills fresh and ready to style your hair into those beautiful bridal and special occasion creations. Only the best for our lovely clients!

Let me end this blog with a positive thought:

When you can’t control what’s happening around you, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to it. That’s where your power lies and that’s how you can make the most of this situation, however frustrating it may seem sometimes.

Fill your free time with lovely rituals, start a new hobby that you never had time for, reconnect with your long lost friends and enjoy the simple things in life: like eating without rushing; savouring the taste of that first cup of morning coffee; doing daily workouts to emerge from all of this with the best body you ever had; tuning into an exciting audio book or engaging podcast; taking an online course and following your dream to master a new skill that could potentially become your job and give you lots of satisfaction. Whatever it may be, make the most of this time given to you to do things that you never had time for before.

Wishing you all the best. Stay safe, stay sane and stay at home!

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