Hi lovely readers,

For a while now I’ve been meaning to do a video tutorial of a makeover on myself and share some powerful makeup tips with you, especially focusing on anti-ageing makeup application tips and techniques. Because when we look good, we definitely feel better about ourselves and life in general.

I do hundreds of individual and group makeup lessons every year and absolutely love empowering women to be able to create makeup looks on yourselves, that flatter you and make you feel your most confident. For me makeup is a tool, that if used correctly can help you enhance your natural beauty, show off your favourite features in the best possible way and discreetly hide those you’d rather not show.

In this tutorial, I kept the editing to a minimum to give you the maximum information in every step, so that you too can confidently create a gorgeous youthful makeup look.

Watch it and find out:

  • Which products and brushes to use, how and when;
  • How to create an eye-lifting effect, with clever eye-shading and eyeliner techniques;
  • How to correct skin discolourations, creating an even complexion;
  • How to sculpt the face in an effective, yet natural way;
  • How to create naturally full brows from thin ones;
  • How to enlarge the lips.

…And so much more!

Enjoy it and please pop over to my Insta @kristinagasperasmua letting me know in a comment or DM if you enjoyed it, or if you have any questions.

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