I believe that with the right makeup and hairstyle every woman can look incredibly beautiful and confident. My signature style is red-carpet-worthy looks that are elegant, flawless and most importantly – the most flattering version of you.

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My makeup services are available for discerning clients throughout the UK and internationally.

My recommendation is that bookings for makeup services with me for weddings and special occasions are made at least 6 months in advance due to availability. However short-notice booking slots do come up occasionally and I of course welcome all enquiries.

Should I be unavailable for your chosen date and time then a member of my superb K-Team will be recommended based on your requirements. Please check out their individual pages for their galleries and price lists.

We can also be booked for catwalk shows, photoshoots, TV, film or any other exciting projects you may have which require makeup, hair and photography services.

Please CONTACT US and let us know your requirements or to book an appointment – the K-Team and I look forward to hearing from you.

All of our services are also available as beautiful gift vouchers to give as a present to a loved one.



Prices for Kristina’s services are only available upon enquiry.

Please CONTACT US with your requirements for a tailored quote.

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