As a national award-winner I feel a responsibility to raise the standard within the makeup world and what more positive way to do that than teach – spreading beauty far and wide!


We provide tailored makeup lessons for individuals or groups for self-application either face-to-face or online, using your preferred platform.

I really enjoyed the session… more than I think I would! You pitched it just right for my very insecure beginner level and I did come out with some confidence. I loved the suggestion of using eye-shadow in the form of a stick, rather than powders that end up everywhere… and I never would have thought of using navy blue as eyeliner shade, but it does really work! Even my partner commented this morning “not sure what you have done, but whatever it is, it works” (and he never notices anything!)” – Amaia


Have you ever wanted to really understand which makeup styles suit you, which colours light up your face and make you look radiant and healthy?

Have you ever been confused about the vast array of products available to choose from and not knowing where to begin?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with the same makeup routine for years not knowing how to make yourself look younger, effortlessly stylish – as if you woke up looking like this?

Do you use the same makeup style for daytime and evening and don’t know how to turn your daytime look into a more glamorous and sophisticated evening look?

If the the answer to any or all of these is yes, then a makeup lesson is what you need.

Makeup lessons are entirely bespoke and taught on either a one-to-one basis (face-to-face or online) or in groups of two to three people (face-to-face only). Makeup parties for larger groups are also available (face-to-face only) – the perfect opportunity to update your skills with friends/sister/mum.

The lessons take two hours and the content is completely customised to suit your goals and experience. We also look through your existing makeup kit (please have it with you, no matter how big or small!) to assess which products are suitable and which you might need to get.

As part of the lessons we work out the most flattering colour selections for you according to the theory of “colours by season” and Kristina’s own bespoke colour assessment method. We then go through step-by-step the most flattering makeup styles for you – firstly by watching and then repeating under guidance.

Learn how to look stunning every day and both polished and sophisticated on special nights out. With the basic necessary skills that you’ll pick up during the lesson and a bit of practice you’ll be able to achieve this.

At the end of the lesson you’ll look amazing and wish you’d done this years ago!


We work from a beautiful studio in Barnes, South West London which has been designed to strict specifications in terms of lighting, furniture, and space to be perfect for makeup lessons. We also provide makeup and hairstyling services from here when not travelling.

Should you, however, prefer to have a lesson either online or from a location of your choosing this can also be arranged.


The makeup lessons are suitable for the following clients:

  • Individuals who just want to learn how to apply better makeup on themselves; or
  • Brides-to-be who will not have access to the makeup artist of their choice and want to master the application of bridal makeup for themselves.

Private lessons for individuals

Whether you would like to learn a natural and everyday look, a style suitable for the corporate world or a glamorous and sizzling evening look we would be more than happy to guide you through the makeup maze.

We will show you how to make the most of your facial features and how to enhance them with the help of correct application skills, colour matching and of course the right products.

Bridal lessons

If you are planning on getting married somewhere where the makeup artist of your choice will not be readily available, we can teach you how to apply your own bridal makeup so that you will look simply stunning on the day.

We use products and application techniques that ensure flawless long-lasting makeup from the morning through to the night with just an occasional lipstick touch-up required.

All of our face-to-face lessons include 2-3 professional portrait photographs of yourself taken at the end of the lesson to have a visual reminder of what you have learned.


Online makeup lessons (individual only)

£87 for a 1.5-hour lesson with Kristina, or £79 with a member of the K-Team. These can be via any platform of your choosing, e.g. Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger.

Face-to-face makeup lessons (individual or group)

£220 per person for a 2-hour lesson at the K-Studio in Barnes, London with Kristina. All are tailored to your specific requirements and include the professional portrait photography service mentioned above.

Makeup lessons for 2 people are £190 per person for a shared 2-hour lesson at the K-Studio in Barnes, London with Kristina.

Personal makeup shopping service

£60 per hour. Available to makeup training clients or individuals just looking for advice. Involves a shopping trip with Kristina or a K-Team member on hand to help you select the best, most suitable products at stores we can recommend or your favourites.

Please CONTACT US and let us know what you’d like or to book an appointment. All major debit/credit cards accepted.

Can be bought as GIFT VOUCHERS - CLICK HERE to treat a friend or relative to a luxurious gift that they will enjoy and benefit from.


Are you stuck in a rut and still applying the same makeup as you did 20 years ago? Fear not, you wouldn’t believe how many of my clients do the same. And this is where I can help, with our makeup lessons for the over 40s...

I'll love seeing your face shine when I teach you step-by-step how to:

  • apply makeup that flatters - creating a style that is age-appropriate;
  • choose makeup colours that will light up your face;
  • use subtle corrective techniques that make all the difference - taking years off, making you look so good that you won’t believe it! and
  • conceal and improve complexion - giving smooth radiant skin and bright under-eyes. This is one of the top anti-ageing tricks. You’ll learn the exact shades and textures that'll work for you and your skin type.

As an over-40 myself I feel very comfortable about ageing. I have so many tricks up my sleeve to keep myself looking youthful and radiant every day, and I can’t wait to share them with you in one of my online or face-to-face makeup lessons.

You can book an individual lesson or you can book one for yourself and a friend. Learning with someone else is always fun!

My client age range for these lessons is anywhere from 40 to 70+. So whatever your age or whatever the occasion, I’ll create a bespoke lesson for you that will address exactly what you want to learn.

Learn how to make yourself look AND feel good. Fall in love with your reflection again, or delight a loved one by gifting them a bespoke lesson, customised to teach them how to make the most of their natural beauty every day!

CONTACT US to book a lesson, or treat someone to a makeup lesson GIFT VOUCHER.

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