As well as being a makeup artist and hairstylist I am also a psychologist and a colour consultant. I can find the perfect colours for you for any look.

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Agata is our super-talented bridal makeup artist and hairstylist based out of Sitges, Spain (near Barcelona). But she’s more than that, she’s also our resident colour expert, check out what she has to say below…

My name is Agata and I am a makeup artist, hairstylist and colour consultant.

When I went to my first makeup course I only wanted to learn how to apply makeup on myself. At that point, I was studying psychology and didn’t even consider learning makeup and hairstyling professionally but by the time I completed my psychology degree I already had many bridal clients and soon realised that makeup is another form of practising psychology – just more fun and colourful!

Since then I have completed many makeup and hairstyling courses including one with the K-Team’s top hairstylist Kasia.

During the last ten years, I have been lucky enough to work in exciting places like New York and Madrid and gain experience in different industries such as TV, fashion, commercials, red carpet and of course weddings. Working in different environments and with different people makes it easy for me to continuously perfect my skills and keep up to date with all the latest trends.

Being a colour consultant and helping people find their ideal colours has taught me that beauty is about harmony, and creating your desired look is about finding that harmony.

Listening is as important as looking because I take into account not only your natural tones and face shape but also your personality and unique taste. Only then can I create a look that is harmonious and will make you feel special. I always strive to enhance your natural beauty and never to cover it.

My job is my passion and whether I apply makeup or create a hairstyle, my goal is to make every person feel and look beautiful.

Please contact us to book with Agata



Bridal makeup€250*
Bridal hairstyling€250*
Bridal makeup & hairstyling€380
Bridal makeup trial session in Sitges€100**
Bridal hairstyling trial session in Sitges€100**
Bridal makeup & hairstyling trial session in Sitges€160**
Bridal makeup trial session in Barcelona€150**
Bridal hairstyling trial session in Barcelona€150**
Bridal makeup & hairstyling trial session in Barcelona€220**
Bridal makeup trial session @ K-Studio, London£180
Bridal hairstyling trial session @ K-Studio, London£180
Bridal makeup & hairstyling trial session @ K-Studio, London£260
Makeup for bridal party member€100
Hairstyling for bridal party member€100
Makeup & hairstyling for bridal party member€150


(JAN, FEB, MAR, NOV & ALL MONDAYS to THURSDAYS except public holidays)

Bridal makeup€190*
Bridal hairstyling€190*
Bridal makeup & hairstyling€290*
Makeup & hairstyling for bridal party member€120

* For wedding bookings during weekends and on public holidays observed in Sitges and Barcelona, and for all weddings at all times that are over 50 miles from Sitges, a minimum booking size of the bride + 3 guests is required.
** Bridal trial sessions on weekends and public holidays observed in Sitges and Barcelona throughout the year are charged at €150 for either makeup or hairstyling or €220 for makeup and hairstyling.

For single bride bookings a supplement of €90 will be added at peak times and €30 for all off-peak times.

The prices above for wedding day services are only applicable to weddings in mainland Spain, for other destinations please send us an email to

For makeup and hairstyling bookings that are larger than the bride and 2 guests, or for makeup and hairstyling bookings that have a limited preparation time, it may be necessary for more than one team member to attend. This will incur an additional cost which you will be informed of during the booking process.


Occasion makeup in Sitges€100
Occasion hairstyling in Sitges€100
Occasion makeup & hairstyling in Sitges€160
Occasion makeup in Barcelona€150
Occasion hairstyling in Barcelona€150
Occasion makeup & hairstyling in Barcelona€220

If hair extensions are required for your chosen hairstyle, they are available to buy from us at the following prices:

  • €140 for 16-inch extensions;
  • €160 for 18- to 20-inch extensions; or
  • €175 for extensions that are longer than 20 inches.

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