“I did a makeup lesson with Inga last Sunday and I learned so much! My journey from SE London was straightforward. It was very easy to get to from Waterloo Station.

My makeup hasn’t really changed since I started applying liquid liner at school (over 20 years ago). I have previously done one makeup class on how to contour with a makeup company, but it wasn’t very personal due to the group setting.

I wanted to do a makeup lesson as a long-term investment on myself. I had a specific list of things that I wanted to take away from the lesson. Inga was friendly and approachable, and fully engaged and made sure I left with all the tools and techniques I came to learn.

A few key takeaways for me:

1) I learned how my cleansing and moisturiser routine played a part in my troublesome open nose pores and received some great advice on products to use.

2) I learned why certain colours in my makeup bag did not suit my skin tone. I was also taught how to choose foundation from different manufacturers.

3) I learned how to apply eye shadow on hooded eyes.

4) I left with a day look for filming and work, and a night look for going out.

5) I learned how to create a professional base layer and contour the face with products that were better suited to my skin type.

And many more!

I was open to discovering new make up, and Inga used some fantastic products on me. Apart from the eyeliner technique, I’ve not been able to practice as I wait for my makeup to arrive. The eye liner technique has already been a game changer, and I am excited to practice recreating the techniques. I was very lucky that all the cosmetics purchased online from various places were all 20% off!

Inga took the time to run through everything at the end, and allowed me to film parts of the eye shadow bit (I was very nervous about this part because I tried and failed watching many YouTube videos!) so I could see what she was doing (you can’t see much when your eyes are closed) and also so that I didn’t forget.

It’s clear that there is a great team at the K-Studio. I highly recommend you go and get a makeup lesson in every decade of your lifetime!

Thank you Inga, for your kindness, time and patience and passion!” – Jenny

“I cannot recommend the two hour makeup lesson with Inga highly enough! She was amazing!

She advised me on skincare, the tone of my skin and consequently what products will suit me, suggesting makeup, skincare products and brushes at a range of price points. She then did one side of my makeup and encouraged me to do the other side myself. This increased my confidence about actually being able to emulate the look she created and to be able to take the look from day to evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and wholeheartedly recommend a lesson with Inga to anyone who wants to treat themselves and feels like they need some help with how to choose and apply makeup. I’m telling all my friends about it and have had so many compliments on my makeup. I had a wonderful time! Thank you so much Inga!” – Andrea

“Inga and Kasia were just incredible!

They made us feel so special and I was delighted with everything!

Not only that they are both just the loveliest people! Xxx” – Lucy

“My dear Inga, thank you sooooo much for your amazing work yesterday, and more importantly, for the love and comfort you gave me throughout. You were there when no one else was, and you comforted me in a way that no one else could. You and Kasia made my day so special that I can never thank you enough for that 💟 you were amazing in every possible way 😗

I hope I can see you again, really enjoyed every second of being with you, and that is something beyond your expertise and profession. You were like a friend or a family member to me 💟 thank you.”

“Hi Kasia and Inga, thank you both so much for making me look absolutely stunning on Sunday! I received so many compliments for both hair and makeup. My friends asked if my makeup was done by an Asian makeup artist, as Asian features aren’t easy to do up! The makeup was still perfect at the end of the day!

Thanks Inga for being so so patient with my mother-in-law, Kasia and Sylwia for helping her with her hair as well!” – Catherine

“My mum’s and my thanks to Inga and Kasia for the beautiful job they did on my wedding day!

Their attention to detail and ability to understand just the type of look we wanted was amazing. I have never felt so beautiful yet also like myself. Kasia is a pro with hair and Inga worked magic with my mum’s melasma, she now uses her techniques every day. They also were more than happy to put finishing touches on my bridesmaids. Professional as well as truly lovely women.

All our thanks to them once again!” – Neda

“The morning of my wedding was such a wonderful experience thanks to Inga! Having Inga there with her beautiful smile all morning was just what I needed to keep me calm! I was so happy with how my makeup looked on my special day and my mum and bridesmaids all looked absolutely stunning.

Inga was so wonderful to work with and she made sure she highlighted all of my best features whilst still keeping my makeup very subtle and natural. I had my bridezilla moment just as Inga finished doing my makeup so no photos were taken by Inga on the day so please enjoy seeing a few from our wedding photographer as proof of how wonderful a job you did!” – Katie

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for Saturday, you and Sylwia were amazing and so professional and I can truly say everyone looked perfect and I could not have been happier with my makeup. It lasted all day, as did the mums’ and bridesmaids’ and everyone was full of praise for how great we all looked.

I can truly say I will recommend you for any future bride and I hope that I might be a friend’s bridesmaid in the future just so I can get my makeup done by you again.” – Shelly

“I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for the amazing makeup you did. Everyone loved it and they kept saying how beautiful I looked 😉 So very good job!

I know we were rushing there at the end and you did very well to keep us all calm and ensure we completed, so thanks again for that.

Also Gloria loved you and she is keen to book you for her wedding next year! I will be maid of honour so I will look forward to having gorgeous make-up again!” – Mary

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a big THANK YOU for making me look a (much!) better version of myself on our Wedding Day! Both Gary and I really loved our makeup and it was a relief that it proved to stand the test against all the tears and laughter until the early hours. We had such an amazing day, it really was above and beyond all expectations, and our daughter Vilja seemed to love all the attention! ; It was such a pleasure having you there before the big event and I will most certainly recommend you to future brides that I know! You were a calming influence at a time when emotions could quite easily go overboard, I appreciated that.” – Siri

“Hi Inga, I only have a few sneak peak photos at the moment but I wanted to thank you again as everyone looks so beautiful in them, you made everyone look totally flawless!” – Rachel

“I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing hair and make-up I had for my wedding on 27th June.
You really looked after me and nothing was too much trouble (including putting my dress on me last minute as my mum was delayed in getting herself ready!!).

The hair was exactly what I had imagined, romantic and beautiful and it went fantastically well with my overall style. The makeup was delicate and understated and Inga you picked the perfect lip colour even though I had no clue how to describe what I wanted!

Sadly, I had no close up photos taken as we did not have a professional photographer, but here is the one photo I can send that shows some of the hair details. You can use this photo if you wish although it is probably more kiss-focused and less about my hair/makeup!

Many thanks again xx” – Dora

“It was such a beautiful day – sorry Inga that we had to rush out. You were so professional, lovely, personable and you made us feel great, inside and out. Didem and I got so many compliments! Thank you for your beautiful work. I felt so good.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lots of love” – Mandy

“Hey, Inga! Just wanted to thank you for my beautiful makeup! I included a picture to show ya how it turned out.

Thank you” – Sarah

“Dear Inga, Thank you very much for doing my family’s make up for our wedding! You were fantastic!” – Jenny-Lee


“Inga, Thanks so much for your work! Was amazing!” – Marcela

“I have never looked better in my entire life. Thank you so so much. The images are incredible. I love them.” – Dominika

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