I love transforming brides-to-be. For your wedding I’ll work with you to make sure that the finished result is exactly how you imagined it to be.

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Introducing Kasia, one of Europe’s top bridal hairstylists. She’s incredibly talented and sought-after by brides all over the globe. We’ve been working together for many years and have travelled around the world to weddings, as well as teaching events for other professionals. She is also a judge for The Wedding Industry Awards…

I’m Kasia and I am a bridal hairstylist based in London. Hairstyling is my life and my complete obsession. I love nothing better than spending my days styling brides, models and special occasion clients.

I have a passion for creating modern, perfectly textured hairstyles that make my brides look stunning and stylish. My journey in hairstyling has led to my work appearing in many photoshoots, catwalk shows, TV programmes, bridal and fashion magazines.

My expertise is being able to work with a variety of hair types, textures and lengths, using the right products and hair extensions if needed. I am able to advise on which styles suit different face shapes and how each one translates into a bride’s personal and wedding style. I create long-lasting, beautifully executed styles: perfect red-carpet-worthy Hollywood waves, modern updos, boho styles with cool waves or a fashionably messy bun.

For me, bridal hairstyling is about getting to know you and your likes. It’s more than just giving you the look of the moment, it’s about assessing the shape of your face, your hair type and talking to you about your interests and style so that we create something that is truly you.

The words I love to hear are: “Did you see her hair? Wasn’t it gorgeous? Didn’t she shine?” That radiance comes from confidence in knowing that you look stunning. Your hair is as special as you are and I will treat it that way.

Please contact us to book with Kasia



Please note that Kasia’s bridal services can only be booked as a package with Kristina.

Bridal hairstyling with Kasia & makeup by Kristina£990
Bridal hairstyling & makeup trial session @ K-Studio, London£400
Hairstyling with Kasia & makeup by Kristina for bridal party member£300
Hairstyling & makeup trial session for bridal party member @ K-Studio, London£300

The prices above for wedding day services are only applicable to weddings in the mainland UK, for other destinations please see below.

Occasion hairstyling @ K-Studio, London£250
Occasion hairstyling @ your venuePrice on Application


Please note that Kasia’s bridal services can only be booked as a package with Kristina.

Bridal hairstyling (+ 3 others) with Kasia & makeup by Kristina£2,990
Hairstyling with Kasia & makeup by Kristina for additional bridal party member£360

The prices above for wedding day services are applicable to weddings outside the mainland UK.


If hair extensions are required for your chosen hairstyle, they are available to buy from us at the following prices:

  • £120 for 16-inch extensions.
  • £140 for 18- to 20-inch extensions.
  • £150 for extensions that are longer than 20 inches.

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